The founder of Guitar-Gps, Wayne Cockfield, was inspired to play the guitar when he was just 14 years old. At 16, he was already playing in local bands, improvising Hendrix, Clapton, and Allman Bros. songs whenever he could get a chance to perform. Mostly an "ear player," Wayne knew he needed to learn more about theory and how to read if he was going to really be a successful musician. After studying privately with teachers in Charleston, SC, he took the big step to go to a fledgling school called the Guitar Institute in Los Angeles, CA where he studied with some of the greatest guitar players and teachers in the world. After graduating, Don Mock, one of Wayne's teachers and mentors helped him get a job at REH Publication's guitar school in Seattle, WA. After teaching there, Wayne opened Academy of Music in Bellevue, WA with some fellow teachers and they became one of the most popular teaching facilities in the Northwest.


Wayne continued to teach and play many styles of music in the Seattle area and eventually moved back to SC where he has played in theaters and served as music director in shows and churches. His experience performing in various bands taught him a variety of styles and techniques and he loves to share them with eager guitar students.

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